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Highly recommend the Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam. Perfection! (Tracey)

Seriously amazing products. Can't wait to get some more to experiment with. (Amanda)

Jamaican Sorrel Jelly - Absolutely amazing jam and goes perfectly with a good Brie on crackers. (Jo Mxy)

Probably the best jerk seasoning I've tasted. Bought a jar at the market and now ordering two more online. Lovely depth of flavour with the right mount of spice (you can add some of your own if needed. I did on one occasion) and great with fish or chicken so far! (Nigel McShine-Jones)

Onion and Chilli Chutney - Purchased a jar of this at the market and wished I had bought a couple more!absolutely delish! Goes with anything. Will be back to stock up soon x (Cathy)

Kicking Tomato Chutney -  Delicious!  A huge family favourite. (DenH)

One of the four products we bought at Borough Market last week - all great.  I am a big fan of Pepper Sauce and this is the most rounded and freshest tasting one I have had.  The reduced use of preservatives (I am guessing?) means the taste is massively better than the longer shelf life ones (although will still keep for three months I was told which is a lot longer than it will be in my fridge) and that sweet heat from the Scotch Bonnets is retained. (Tom)

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